Your most common questions are answered below.

How many pairs of shoes can I hire any one time?

Just one pair at a time for now. However as you will see, a few shoes are available with matching handbag, so if you feel you want the complete package, please email us at sales@cinderella-me.co.uk

Are Cinderella Me shoes new - and if not, what is their condition?

All of our Products were new when purchased by us so will either be new or in new like condition when you hire them.  Bear in mind we will only be renting our Products eight times in order to ensure you receive them in fabulous condition. We have very high standards at Cinderella Me, each pair of shoes goes through a rigorous process of cleaning, hygiene and quality control before they are despatched to our Members.

Why don't you have my size in my favourite shoe?

We really hope that, as there are so many designs to choose from on Cinderella Me, you will find more than a few that you will just love to hire.  As our stock continues to grow, the choice will get wider. If we don't have your size, it's probably worth trying a half size up (if we have it), which will almost certainly work in a mule or slingback, while in a court shoe you might give "Party Feet" gel cushions a try.

When does my rental week start?

Your rental week commences at the time the item is signed for on the first attempted delivery to you by FedEx.  If you are not there to receive your order at this time, FedEx will leave a card for you to re-arrange a delivery date. If FedEx have to attempt a third delivery, a fee of £7.00 will apply.

How long does it take to receive my order?

As soon as we receive your order request (during working hours) we will start to action it. Depending on the time of day, FedEx will collect from us either the same working day or the following working day, and should deliver to you the day after that. So, while we cannot absolutely guarantee delivery within 48 working hours, that is our aim, and often you will receive your order within 24 working hours.  Please remember that our courier, FedEx does not deliver on Saturdays FREE of Charge. (please ask us for a price).  Most of our Guests order on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so the shoes arrive in time for the weekend, but who needs an excuse for a little mid-week excitement?

Is it possible to extend the rental period to more than a week for an item I have rented?

Of course, it is possible to extend the hire but you must advise us if you wish to extend the hire by emailing us at sales@cinderella-me.co.uk. for prices.  We will continue to bill you until the Products are returned to us.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is £10 for each completed hire for MOST of the mainland United Kingdom. We ship to you via FedEx. Certain remote areas of the mainland do have a shipping charge (those that fall outside of the Counties denoted on our "Become a Guest" page) - information is available upon request at sales@cinderella-me.co.uk.  Shipping includes insurance for the Products whilst they are in the hands of FedEx. A signature will be required for every delivered order.

What should I do with the security tag and hologram that is attached to the shoes?

Please try the shoes for size and fit, on a carpeted surface, within 4 hours of receipt. If you are happy with the fit, please remove the tag by carefully cutting the plastic loop and put the tag back in the box, ready to return to us with the Product. The hologram must remain on the shoes, please do not try and take it off. They are there for your security and a charge may be applicable if tampered with.

What if the shoes I have ordered don't fit?

Please try the shoes on for size and fit, on a carpeted surface, within 4 hours of receipt. If they don't fit, please email us immediately at sales@cinderella-me.co.uk to advise that you will not be wearing them, (the tag must stay attached). We will arrange for FedEx to collect them and you will not be charged the rental fee. If you would like a replacement pair this may incurr a small delivery and collection charge.

How do I return the shoes?

We make it really simple. Inside the box that's delivered to you we provide a FedEx return bag already labelled for the return trip. All you need to do is to place the shoes or handbag into our inner and outer boxes and then into the FedEx return bag. Contact us, and we will arrange for Fedex to pick up the package. If you find it more convenient, you can take the package to your nearest FedEx depot, but please advise us first as we have to issue an authorisation code to avoid any problems whilst at the depot.  Please see Shipping & Returns for further information.

How private is the information I have given Cinderella Me?

You are assured that all the information you give us is strictly confidential and will only ever be used for the successful running of Cinderella Me.

How secure are the payments I make to Cinderella Me?

Transaction information via Cinderella Me and our PSP (payment service provider) is encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer).  No cardholder information is ever passed unencrypted. Nothing you pass to Cinderella Me can be examined, used or modified by any third party attempting to gain access to sensitive information. That's why we are able to show the "secure payment padlock" on our Create an Account page.

Can I ask you a question?

Sure you can - should you wish to ask us a question please email us at sales@cinderella-me.co.uk and we will endeavour to respond within 48 working hours - it might even make it onto our FAQ page.