Designer Shoe Hire

Reasons to hire

"I still have my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes" - Oprah

"I haven't bought any shoes in quite a while. Now I just rent them" - Keira Knightley

Join the growing number of people who are choosing to hire, rather than buy, "life's little luxuries"

No pair of Shoes will be hired more than eight times to ensure they remain in fabulous condition.

Cinderella Me has assembled a huge stock of some of the most beautiful shoes in the world, each authentic pair individually chosen and purchased by the Cinderella Me team.

Now you >have the opportunity to wear these beautiful shoes to that special occasion, party, interview or function, at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

So, why not resist the urge to clutter your wardrobe with shoes you will soon be bored with.

Laura Powell of the Daily Mail writes:

"Like most women, I love shoes - particularly those beautiful designer ones with sky high heels and prices to match. But, like most women, I can't bring myself to stump up hundreds of pounds for a pair of stilettos I'll only wear a handful of times. So, what's the answer? Well, I think it might be a service called Cinderella Me, which loans out designer shoes for a fraction of their retail price.

Source - the Daily Mail


"Everyone is blown away by the shoes. I get compliments on every pair - thanks Cinderella Me."
"It's a joy to wear these amazing shoes without paying big bucks."
"Being able to pre-book is fantastic"